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Congratulations to NRE for winning the Best Growth Progress Award from General Electric (GE)

May 07,2023 | nretec


  In October, the 2018 China Supplier Conference of General Electric (GE), one of the Fortune 500 companies, was grandly held in Shanghai. Over 200 core suppliers from all over the country and some Asian countries attended the conference, which lasted for a day.

As a global power provider, Guangdong NRE Electric Co., Ltd., also a supplier of GE, was fortunate to receive an invitation to participate in this grand event. With the strong support of the customer, NRE Electric has continuously strived for excellence in product quality, constantly innovated in product technology, and made progress in business services through years of efforts. Finally, it has gained recognition from the customer and won the "Best Growth Progress Award" of GE in 2018!

At the banquet, GE affirmed and thanked NRE Electric for its years of efforts and cooperation, and put forward higher expectations. They hope to continue to work hard and achieve even better results in future cooperation. Subsequently, amidst cheerful music, Mr. Wu Mijun, the Chairman of Guangdong NRE Electric Co., Ltd., led the company's team to receive the honor belonging to NRE Electric from the responsible persons of GE's business in the United States and China, expressing gratitude.