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NRE production system grassroots management development training

May 07,2023 | nretec

On June 30, 2019, on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the company specially organized the grassroots management personnel of the company's production system to carry out a one-day outreach training at the Huangpu Military Training Camp. Outward bound training can relax our body and mind, relieve our work pressure; help us further confirm our personal goals, find our own direction, and better complete our work; at the same time, we can shorten the distance between employees, integrate the internal interpersonal relationship of the enterprise, and form a positive atmosphere. Let us face various changes and challenges more calmly and orderly, and improve work efficiency.
   Every teammate contributes to the honor of the team and endures the pain silently, but we believe that every teammate's contribution is worthwhile, because it allows us to see the strength of unity and seriousness. The attitude allows us to see the truest self. The day's expansion is over soon, and we have gained a lot. It is indeed a meaningful expansion training.
   In the future work and life, it has cultivated a serious and pragmatic attitude for us, let us discover our personal potential, and created a good team atmosphere for us. In short, through this outward bound training, our team cohesion has been enhanced, and our personal ability and attitude have been improved.